The clientele of our fiduciary

Various industry sectors

Our clients are mostly coming from small and middle size enterprises residing in Belgium or abroad and active in various domains.

It spans from the commercial, industrial or audio-visual sectors to liberal professions and management companies including patrimonial companies, etc.

We can help you with you accounting, fiscal and managerial responsibilities.

Expert comptable et conseil fiscal Bruxelles

Commercial sector – Industrial – Audio-visual

  • Consulting and risk management firms
  • Transportation
  • Real estate management, sponsor, entrepreneurs, agencies
  • Insurance and brokers
  • Car importers and sellers
  • Franchises and retailers
  • Multimedia, computer and communication firms
  • Goods import/export
  • Liberal professions and management companies

Tertiary sector

  • Lawyers, Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Consultant, etc
  • Medical and paramedical sector : Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc

Patrimonial companies

  • Real Estates, Financial, Holdings

Foreign companies

  • Subsidiaries, Belgian Offices or Agencies, Subsidiaries of foreign companies within or outside Europe, non-profit associations (ASBL, AISBL) or Fundations

European Economic Interest Groupings or Economic Interest Groupings

Expats (Foreign Managers) in Belgium

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