Privacy Policy

As Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor, we have to process numerous data éléments, some of them being personal data.

The personal data processed may belong to you as a customer but may also be related to a client relationship. (For instance if you are one of our cllent’s supplier or one of their customers).


1. Responsible person for the processing of personal related data

The responsible person is Mrs Nadine Defrene.

The responsible person is registerd in Belgium (1300 Wavre, avenue de la Croisée n°6) and the enterprise number is BE0423.861.987.

The responsible person is accredited by the Institute for Tax Advisors and Accountants (former I.E.C. now I.T.A.A.).

The accreditation number is (220440 4F83).


For any question related to our Privacy Policy, please send a letter by regular mail to ‘Fiduciaire Bufiscom sprl’, or by email to (

2. How we use you Personal Information

We collect and process your personal data for the following reasons, per compliance to the law issued on 18 september 2017 related to anti money laundering.