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Our Accounting and Tax Consulting Firm is an independent operation that acts as the preferred partner of its clients. Our contribution aims to provide concrete advice to suit the needs of our partners.

We are a firm on a human scale and intervene in the different stages of an entrepreneur’s life.

Why choose our firm?

We have been active in the accounting and tax consulting sector since 1986 and have acquired solid experience in accounting, fiscal and managerial management in the broadest meaning of the term over time: the assignments, cases and management tasks entrusted to us are geared to companies, as well as self-employed and private individuals.

Each and every customer benefits from a personal, individualised and creative approach first and foremost.

Our guidance and support approach is aimed above all at studying the performance of the organisation.
This quest for profitability is part and parcel of a global vision for the long term.
Situated in Brussels and Walloon Brabant, or offices are close to and easy to reach by all our partners.

BE 0423.861.987 R.P.M. Brabant Wallon